Peter Kaminsky

Chef Ned Baldwin's approach to fish is pure simplicity—exactly what we want from summer cooking.
Alain Ducasse's pricey New York restaurant has been eaten alive by the press. So when a journalist and his family try to cook a Ducassian dinner for the chef, it's payback time. Or is it?
Award-Winning Chili
Rating: Unrated
Peter Kaminsky's contribution to the tailgate was a white chili, made with beans, chicken and lots of cheese. The recipe was created by Todd and Nancy Walters, who won a Kansas City cook-off on a night when the blue haze of barbecuing filled the air for miles. Not since the ancient Greeks sacrificed thousands of oxen before battle, it seemed, had so much prime meat been grilled in one place at one time.The beans must soak overnight, so plan accordingly. More Great Comfort Food Recipes