Photo of Paul O. Mims
Photo of Paul O. Mims

Paul O. Mims

Paul O. Mims is one of New York City's most dynamic food educators and writers. He has over five years of experience teaching cooking skills and nutrition to youth and adults, and is an advocate for food access and justice.

Expertise: Nutrition, Food Justice, Food Education, Queer Identity

Experience: Paul O. Mims holds degrees in both nutrition and culinary science. He has led food workshops and programming in libraries, public schools, and museums, and has even used his drag persona, KiKi Bootz, to host cooking classes and speak on queer issues related to food access. Some of Paul's accomplishments include managing a cooking summer camp for youth, developing exhibit curriculum for New York City's Museum of Food and Drink, and coordinating a conference on hunger and food insecurity. As a published writer with an emphasis on food justice and culture, his work can be found in Food & Wine and Bon Appétit.
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