Owen Kenworthy

Hot Chocolate Pudding Cakes
Rating: Unrated
Chef Owen Kenworthy makes these individual molten chocolate cakes with a little bit of flour to hold the batter together, then garnishes the baked cakes with tart crème fraîche and crunchy pistachios. Slideshows:  More Great Chocolate Desserts 
"It's all about the way one cuts the tomato: a badly cut one is not as appetizing," says Owen Kenworthy, who favors slices and wedges made with a very sharp knife. He adds a hit of chile, capers and anchovies to his salad, which is great as an appetizer or a side dish. Slideshows:  Delicious Tomato Recipes 
This lovely risotto is finished with a cauliflower-and-fava puree, which makes it extra-creamy. Slideshows:  More Risotto Recipes