Nick Nairn

Scottish Beef Stew
Rating: Unrated
Nick Nairn says that Scottish beef is some of the best in the world: "Our hardy wee beasts spend most of their time outdoors feeding on grass, and have the minimum amount of human intervention in their rearing." He strongly advises seeking out well-marbled beef for the most tender and succulent stew. More Hearty Stews
Nick Nairn opts for frozen peas in his delicate soup because they tend to be sweeter and less starchy than fresh peas, not to mention faster to prepare. Nairn often makes the soup in advance; he chills it quickly in an ice-water bath before freezing it to retain the vivid green color. More Recipes With Peas
The Stirling area of Scotland has an abundance of Mallard ducks, which are so accustomed to the presence of people that they're almost tame. They produce a lean, richly flavored breast that's smaller and slightly gamier than Pekin or Magret (which are more common in the United States). This main-course salad combines that fabulous duck with French green lentils and sweet pan-fried parsnips.
Nick Nairn loves morels, and he knows how to eke out every bit of flavor from them. Instead of discarding the water that he uses to plump dried morels, for instance, he adds it back to the dish, where they intensify the delicate, earthy taste. More Chicken Recipes