Neil Perry

Sweet-and-Spicy Chicken Curry
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This is Neil Perry's riff on a rich, nuanced Malaysian curry that he calls Chicken Kapitan. Because he makes the recipe with plenty of fresh and dried chiles and coconut milk, it's sweet, spicy and altogether sublime, especially when topped with a mound of crispy fried shallots. Amazing Chicken Recipes
This is Australian chef Neil Perry's variation on the Italian classic spaghetti vongole (pasta with clams). He adds green beans to make the dish fresher-tasting, and then finishes it with a sprinkling of Parmigiano-Reggiano. As he says, "Serving cheese with seafood is not the norm in Italy, but I just love it here." More Fast Pasta Dishes
The key to this dish, according to chef Neil Perry, is to make sure the salmon skin is completely crisp. "To be honest," he says, "I've always been more of an ocean trout lover than a salmon lover—but I can be persuaded when the salmon skin is crispy and the flesh is just perfectly rare in the middle." Another secret is the herbed yogurt, which is tangy, creamy and lively, and an excellent accompaniment to the luscious fish. Slideshow:  More Salmon Recipes 
This is a serious autumn salad, with an abundance of sweet roasted onions, juicy pear, crisp greens and salty, pungent Roquefort cheese. But the most compelling part of the dish is the beets, which are first boiled then roasted to deepen and intensify the flavor. More Ideas for Fall Produce