Natasha Bahrami

Cucumber-Rose Gin Spritz
Rating: Unrated
A classic combination of gin, lemon, and club soda gets a refreshing twist with cucumber, basil, and black cardamom infused syrup. Dried rose petals add a subtle floral flavor and act as a beautiful garnish.
This infused simple syrup brings a smoky, herbal flavor to the Cucumber-Rose Gin Spritz. Leftover syrup is perfect for adding complexity to lemonade or poaching fruit for a light summer dessert.
Lemon-and-Lavender Gin Fizz
Rating: Unrated
Leopold’s Summer Gin brings a smooth, floral flavor to this botanical cocktail with notes of cucumber, sage, lemon, and lavender. Be sure to use food-safe rose petals, not ones treated with pesticides or insecticides, for garnish.