Naomi Hebberoy

Naomi Hebberoy adores the nutty, toasted flavor and chewy texture of Sardinian fregola. A cross between pasta and couscous, it's made from a dough of coarsely ground semolina and water that is dried, toasted and grated into tiny pearls. Here, Hebberoy tosses it with tender, juicy citrus sections for a hearty grain salad. Fast Weekday Pastas
Flaky Turnover Pastry
Rating: Unrated
This extremely flaky pastry is well worth the effort, but if you prefer, you can substitute store-bought puff pastry in the Roasted Winter Squash and Onion Turnovers. If you do, cut the puff-pastry sheets into 4-inch squares, fill them and fold them into triangles.Plus: Dessert Recipes and Tips
Salty, creamy (and even a little crunchy), this recipe is the ultimate party snack for when you are looking to go far beyond the average bowl of onion dip.  Fast Hors d'Oeuvres