Mutsuko Soma

This Soba Bukkake with Chashu Pork and Sesame Vinaigrette recipe from F&W Best New Chef Mutsuko Soma features chilled soba noodles with just a splash of rich broth, called mentsuyu, in the bottom of the bowl. Topped with pork chashu and marinated eggs (steeped in the flavorful pork braising liquid), the dish comes together quickly using dried soba (with Soma's blessing; look for Shirakiku Hana Tororo Soba), and easily scales up for a crowd. The soba noodles can be made ahead of time and held in cold water. The mentsuyu, simply a fortified dashi, is super-quick to make and intensely flavorful. Any leftover mentsuyu can be used to marinate tofu, poach chicken, and steam or marinate sea bass, or can be served as a dumpling dipping sauce.