Photo of Merlyn Miller
Photo of Merlyn Miller

Merlyn Miller

Title: Social Media Editor

Location: New York, New York

Education: Merlyn graduated with a bachelor's degree in anthropology from Cornell University. While at Cornell, she centered her studies on the role that food plays in human culture and archaeology.

Expertise: Sustainable Food Systems, Food History, Southern and Cajun Cuisines, Food Media Trends

Merlyn Miller is a social media editor and writer with a love for the ever-changing modern food culture. She curates visual directions for social media, identifies topics and content that appeal to a brand's audience, and follows new trends in food media.

Experience: Merlyn Miller began her tenure in food media by working with Mold, a publication about the future of food. She developed a social media strategy for Mold, wrote about food design and sustainability, and edited the work of others. After her stint there, Merlyn moved over to Cook Space Brooklyn, a cooking studio that hosted recreational cooking classes. She was responsible for keeping tabs on food trends, managing the brand's Instagram, and curating classes for students. Merlyn subsequently worked with cast iron cookware brand Field Company, where she managed the company's social media accounts, wrote about cast iron care, and even developed a few recipes.
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