Melissa Hemsley

British cooks Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley dress this vegetable-packed noodle salad with a deeply flavorful and tangy sun-dried tomato and Brazil nut pesto.
Bloggers Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley serve these creamy, superflavorful lentils with vibrant toppings: spice-cooked onions, red chiles and chopped cilantro. Slideshow:  More Lentil Recipes 
For extra flavor, bloggers Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley toss their vegetables in chicken or duck fat before roasting, then top them with a bright, lemony mix of parsley and minced garlic. Slideshow:  More Roasted Vegetable Recipes 
Sisters Jasmine and Melissa Helmsley, who created the superpopular London-based wellness blog Hemsley + Hemsley, grew up cooking Filipino food with their Manila-born mother, Evangeline Garcia. The flavors of the Philippines is laced through this rich stew of short ribs simmered in a broth punched up with star anise and a touch of fish sauce. Slideshow:  More Beef Stew Recipes