Mateo Granados

Mateo Granados's mother's family owned several farms in Oxkutzcab, Mexico, a village known as the orchard of the Yucatán for its output of fruits and vegetables, including summer squash. His mother served calabacita, or zucchini, with queso fresco (a firm, fresh cow's-milk cheese). Granados gives the recipe a Sonoma spin by roasting the zucchini with tarragon and pairing it with goat cheese. You can substitute any variety of summer squash, such as pattypan and crookneck. More Recipes With Summer Produce
Beef-Stuffed Poblano Chiles
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The dark-green poblano can range in flavor from mild to hot. In some parts of Mexico, the chile is simply called chile para rellenar, or "chile for stuffing." Mateo Granados says that when he was growing up in the Yucatán, his mother would reward him with stuffed poblanos "if I was good." More Mexican Recipes