Photo of Martha Cheng
Photo of Martha Cheng

Martha Cheng

Martha Cheng is a Honolulu–based writer covering food and culture in Hawaii since 2007. She is the food editor of Honolulu magazine and author of "The Poke Cookbook". Her work appears in the Wall Street Journal, Condé Nast Traveler, Eater, and more.

Expertise: Hawaii

Experience: Martha Cheng has more than 15 years of experience writing about all things Hawaii. After college, she worked as a techie in San Francisco, interrupted by a stint in the Peace Corps in St. Vincent (where she learned about food's ability to connect). She departed the tech world to bake professionally, and since then has worked as a pastry chef in California and a line cook in Honolulu. Martha left traditional restaurant work to start a grilled cheese truck and pop-up restaurants, while launching a career in food writing. She wrote for and eventually became the food editor for the Honolulu Weekly, and then Honolulu magazine.
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