Mark Sullivan

Why Because he has successfully stretched the definition of "pub food" to include foie gras and oxtail ragout, but he's not afraid to keep a burger and fries on the menu. Born New York, NY, 1966. Education He is a self-taught chef. Experience 42 Degrees, San Francisco; Plumpjack Squaw Valley Inn, Olympic Valley, CA. How he describes his food "We call it American, but we're really influenced by European technique—French, Spanish and Italian." How he got into cooking "I thought I'd give it a year. But when I was working, I never watched the clock. I just loved what I was doing." Favorite cheap mealA beer and a burrito at La Cumbre Taqueria in San Francisco's Mission District. Bedside reading "Lately, I've been interested in management. I'm reading a book called Jack Welch and the GE Way by Robert Slater." Favorite kitchen tool The tamis (drum sieve). "It creates a fine, even texture. I like hand tools in general. I don't think you need a lot of electrical equipment in a kitchen." About his recipe Sullivan says the best part of making his shell bean soup with pistou is "the meditative task of peeling the fresh beans. And I love the creamy texture of the cranberry beans." Won Best New Chef at: Village Pub, Woodside, CA
Catalan Fish Stew
Rating: Unrated
This rich, flavorful Catalan twist on fish stew comes from chef Mark Sullivan, who traveled and cooked in the Mediterranean in his twenties, and returned with a deep affection for the fish stews of the region. Here, the broth is rich and boldly flavored with chorizo and smoked paprika Slideshow:  Spanish Recipes 
Chef Way Mark Sullivan marinates the chicken in 13 different ingredients over the course of two days. He serves the chicken with a cracked version of the whole-grain farro that he cooks and breaks down himself.Cheap Way Make a simple, delicious rub for chicken with fewer ingredients, including mint and ginger. Instead of farro, opt for super-inexpensive couscous.  More Amazing Chef Recipes Made Easy