Best New Chef 1990: Mark Peel
Best New Chef 1990: Mark Peel

Mark Peel

Won Best New Chef at: Campanile and La Brea Bakery, Los Angeles
The Good News The fiber-rich beans in this soup make it satisfying enough to be a main course. This version gets an extra healthy boost from cabbage, a completely underrated vegetable that's loaded with fiber as well as vitamins A and C. More Healthy Recipes
Lemony Waldorf Salad
Rating: Unrated
The Good News For this refreshingly crunchy salad, Mark Peel adds mineral-rich romaine lettuce, frisée and sliced radishes to the classic Waldorf salad mix of apples, celery and walnuts. In place of the traditional mayonnaise-based dressing, he makes a lemon–walnut oil vinaigrette flavored with cumin. Great Green Salads
Mark Peel, chef at Los Angeles's esteemed Campanile, opened the Point, a casual new breakfast-and-lunch spot, in Culver City. Here he flavors roasted cauliflower and green beans with a mild curry powder. Slideshow:  Make-Ahead Picnic Salads 
The Good News This satisfying riff on smothered pork chops calls for skinless chicken drumsticks, which have only slightly more fat than breasts, as well as more zinc and iron and tons more flavor. Plus: F&W's Chicken Cooking Guide Fast and Easy Chicken Recipes