Margaret Eby

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Even though I've lived here for years.
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When cooking is too much but eating cheese sounds about right, The Big Cheese is here to the rescue.
Inspired by Margaret Eby's love of Zabar's in New York City, the combination of creamy, silky Taleggio and nutty aged Gruyère cheeses in these small but decadent sandwiches results in the perfect melt, with plenty of flavor. Pops of fresh salinty from lightly smashed capers stirred into sweet, jammy strawberries balance the richness. Use Tiptree Little Scarlet Strawberry Preserves for the ultimate version of this sandwich—it is made from tiny, sweet strawberries. You can find it at Zabar's or online at
The intensity of fatphobia in the late pandemic has increased, but it has so much more to do with our healthcare system than with Krispy Kreme.
Rubbed with capers, anchovies, and garlic and paired with a salsa verde, reverse-seared double-cut lamb chops make for a low-lift weeknight meal that still feels fancy.
For a baked good with such simple ingredients, soda bread has the range. Light and cake-like or dense and hearty, it all tastes good with Irish butter.
Irish Soda Bread
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This recipe is based on the one my Irish mother learned in school, thanks to the cooking textbook All in the Cooking. It’s about as simple as bread gets—four ingredients, one bowl, about five minutes to bring together and less than an hour in the oven. If you love soda bread, it’s worth seeking out Irish flour like Odlum’s or King Arthur’s Irish-Style Flour, since that contributes to the taste, but any all-purpose flour will work fine here. 
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