Marco Gallotta

For his take on the classic Roman cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper), Marco Gallotta tosses tonnarelli pasta (a kind of fresh, square spaghetti) with sheep's-milk cheese and lots of spicy, freshly ground black pepper. Gallotta also adds vegetable stock to the dish instead of the usual pasta cooking liquid, which makes the melted cheese even more velvety. Fast Weekday Pastas
At 'Gusto, Marco Gallotta often transforms familiar Mediterranean flavors into something new. For this dish, he accompanies New Zealand lamb (which is meatier than Italian lamb) with a luscious, silky Northern Italian–inspired sauce made with walnuts that are simmered in milk, then pureed and enriched with butter. More Amazing Lamb Recipes
Roman-style pizza has a cracker-thin crust and is often topped by only tomato and basil. But the outstanding pizza Margherita by executive chef Marco Gallotta at 'Gusto follows the Neapolitan model, with a thicker, chewier crust topped by tomato, basil and lots of oozy, slightly tangy, extremely fresh buffalo mozzarella. Baked Pasta Dishes