Marc Meyer

Sour Cherry Turnovers
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Small, juicy, ruby-red sour cherries are excellent for baking because, unlike sweet cherries, they retain their shape as they cook. When fresh sour cherries are available in summer, Marc Meyer, the chef-owner of Five Points, Cookshop and Provence in New York City, picks them up at the Greenmarket and—after roasting them with sugar and lemon—bakes them into delectable puff pastry turnovers. More Cherry Desserts
Chef Marc Meyer's first book, Brunch, offers outrageously good recipes from his first Manhattan restaurant, Five Points. This quick and healthy pasta with chickpeas in a piquant lemon-Parmesan cheese sauce epitomizes his unfussy, ingredient-centric style. More Fast Pasta Recipes
Chicken with Mushroom Hash
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"Making hash is a great way to build a dish from odds and ends," Marc Meyer says. In fall, when pears and potatoes are abundant, he combines them with shiitake mushrooms for a rustic hash to serve with crisp roasted chicken. Quick Chicken Recipes
Beef Brisket Pot Roast
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At Five Points in Manhattan, the last thing chef and owner Marc Meyer cooks every night is the next day's pot roast. "We spread out the coals in the wood-burning oven and braise the roast overnight," he says. "And the kitchen smells like caramelized beef and wine in the morning. That's a great aroma to start the day with." While other pot roast recipes might call for rump or beef chuck roast cuts, Meyer opts for brisket with a nice layer of fat on top. More Beef Recipes