Mai Pham

In Vietnam, palate-cleansing ginger is typically served with rich foods like duck. Here, a pungent ginger dipping sauce is paired with salmon, which is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Plus:  More Fish Recipes and Cooking Tips 
Pad See Yew
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Mai Pham gives a twist to this Thai street-food staple by adding bok choy and replacing the usual pork, chicken or beef with shrimp. Slideshow:  Delicious Thai Recipes 
Clay Pot Ginger Chicken
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The Good News Fragile clay pots seem designed for healthy recipes, because they cook food slowly over low to moderate heat, bringing out flavor without the need for lots of extra fat. Amazing Chicken Recipes
The Good News There may not be any clinical proof that ginger helps fight colds or the flu, but this supereasy, gingery chicken soup will undeniably make you feel better. Warming Soup Recipes