Álvaro Palacios

Catalan-Style Spinach
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In this very simple and supertasty dish from Spanish winemaker Álvaro Palacios, curly spinach is cooked just enough to retain its great flavor when mixed with sautéed garlic, toasted pine nuts and plump raisins. Slideshow: More Spinach Recipes 
Beet-and-Onion Salad
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Sweet beets, crisp onion, and great olive oil and vinegar are all you need to make this simple and crowd-pleasing salad from Spanish winemaker Álvaro Palacios. Slideshow: More Beet Recipes 
A hardwood charcoal fire imparts excellent smoky flavor to grilled lamb chops and bell peppers. Slideshow: More Lamb Chop Recipes 
José Andrés adds a clean copper penny to the saucepan to replicate the traditional technique of cooking octopus in a copper pot. The chemical reaction of the copper and the octopus gives the tentacles a gorgeous purple tint.