Photo of Liz Clayton
Photo of Liz Clayton

Liz Clayton

Liz Clayton is a seasoned food and culture journalist who has been covering the specialty coffee industry since the mid-2000s through both writing and photography. She has published two books on coffee, and is associate editor at leading coffee news website

Expertise: Coffee and Tea

Experience: Liz Clayton has focused her writing on specialty coffee since 2007, when she arrived in New York to a burgeoning movement in the industry. She authored "Where to Drink Coffee" and "Nice Coffee Time", and served as editor for the Best Coffee app — all of which are part of her agenda to help people find the best coffee in the world. She has attended numerous international coffee conferences and trainings, judged latte art competitions, participated in panels such as Let's Talk Coffee, consulted on equipment testing and development, and appeared on NPR to discuss cold brew coffee. Liz has contributed to Bon Appétit, Eater, the Wirecutter, and more.
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