Lawrence Marcus

Title: Deputy Digital Editor At Food & Wine since: 2007 Born and Raised: Claremont, CA. It's near L.A. Favorite Cheese: Persillé de Malzieu, a French blue that's almost alarmingly spicy. Second favorite: any cheese, melted. Earliest Wine Memory: Watered-down Manischewitz at Passover. It tasted great to my seven-year-old palate, and for many years I assumed it was representative of all red wine.
What wine should you drink with latkes? The classical answer is Champagne, and for a number of very good reasons. It has plenty of acid to cut through oil, the bubbles cleanse your palate and as star sommelier Rajat Parr notes in his book, Secrets of the Sommeliers, fried foods and sparkling wines echo each other in texture: The wine's abrasive bubbles feel similar to the crackly crispness of the food, creating a satisfying effect that's hard to beat. Our research (a.k.a. the F&W Digital Team's first annual Latke Pairing Party) for the most part bore this out. But we did discover the optimal sparklers for creamy versus sweet toppings, as well as an incredibly delicious, non-sparkling match for salty, fishy toppings like smoked salmon and caviar. Here, the best wines to pair with latkes according to your preferred accoutrements. Read more >
Top chefs and fabled bakers are among the new breed of pizzaiolo who are just as fanatic over the temperature of their ovens to how nearby their ingredients come from. They're elevating pizza around the country from greasy pies in cardboard boxes to inspired creations with crackly, charred crusts topped with house-made cheese and charcuterie. Here, we've chosen the 25 best places for pizza around the country from new guard spots—including a Bay Area pizzeria that uses locally-milled flour—to the nearly-century old East Coast institutions started by the original pizzaiolo obsessives that loyalists still (rightfully) love.