Lauren Kiino

Spiced-Ham-and-Cheese Toasts
Rating: Unrated
"At my restaurant, we take inspiration from our mothers," says chef Lauren Kiino, "but we make the recipes using the best local ingredients." So the cheese that helps make the deviled ham velvety comes from Cowgirl Creamery, Kiino's neighbor in the Ferry Building. Her trick for keeping the toast crisp: Spread the ham topping on just before baking. This recipe makes more ham topping than you'll need for the 24 toasts. Plus:  Perfect Appetizer Recipes 
Chef Lauren Kiino created this recipe after thinking about retro dishes like angels on horseback (bacon-wrapped oysters). "Prosciutto is more delicate than bacon, but it gets a nice crispness," she says. "And the barbecue sauce helps the prosciutto stick to the shrimp." Slideshow:  More Tasty Shrimp Recipes 
Cream of Leek and Potato Soup
Rating: Unrated
This silky-smooth pureed soup may sound like an Escoffier classic, but its taste is purely Tuscan. Chef Lauren Kiino, a firm believer in whole-vegetable cooking, uses more of the leek greens than any French chef would tolerate, for tons of gentle leek flavor. Kiino also stirs in a little crème fraîche. "But the Italian spirit is still the same," she says. Slideshow:  Italian Soups