Photo of Kristy Alpert
Photo of Kristy Alpert

Kristy Alpert

Kristy Alpert is an award-winning travel and lifestyle journalist. Her work has been featured in Esquire, Wine Enthusiast, Afar, Fodor's Travel, the Dallas Morning News, and more. Kristy is also an avid home cook and cookbook recipe tester.

Expertise: Travel, Recipe Testing, Fitness

Experience: Kristy Alpert passionately unearths stories about interesting flavors and recipes from around the globe. She was a food critic in Dallas before becoming a freelance writer in 2010. Kristy's appetite for adventure has led her to extracting the secrets of bread baking on Muhu Island, discovering Swiss beauty rituals on an alpine dairy farm, and uncovering ancient Georgian traditions for making qvevri wine. She has taste-tested snacks for Cosmopolitan, perfected recipes for Better Homes & Gardens, grilled celebrities on their home cooking hacks for Men's Health, and searched the world over for the most exciting wine tasting experiences for Food & Wine.
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