Kevin Sbraga
Kevin Sbraga

Kevin Sbraga

Restaurant: Sbraga, The Fat Ham (Read a review) Location: Philadelphia Why He's Amazing: Because the Top Chef winner combines global influences in unexpected ways with spectacular results, as in his Greek red wine–braised octopus with African piri piri pepper sauce. Culinary School: Johnson & Wales University (North Miami) background: The Ritz-Carlton (/sites/default/files/aples, FL); Pano's & Paul's (Atlanta); Washington Square, The Ritz-Carlton, Garces Group (Philadelphia); Rat's Restaurant (Hamilton, NJ) Quintessential Dish: Roast pork with provolone pudding and long hots Kitchen Inspiration: "My father was a baker and my mom was as well. At a young age I had a passion for food and loved it. I have always loved the creative process behind cooking." On His Top Chef Win: "I wouldn't have a restaurant today with my name on it without the show. The reason I did the show was because I wanted my own place. [The show] made me look at food differently and pay more attention to what the guests like and dislike." Best-Selling Item: Foie gras soup. "People kind of die over it."
Kevin Sbraga varies these wonderful nutty biscotti, sometimes dipping them in melted dark chocolate for an extra layer of flavor. More Cookie Recipes
Tangy Lemon Curd
Rating: Unrated
Serve any leftovers of this delightfully sweet and tart citrus curd with plain butter cookies, gingerbread or toast. Great Holiday Cookies
Kevin Sbraga credits his father, Harvey Beachem, with creating these linzer torte–inspired cookies at Harvey's Bakery in Willingboro, New Jersey. He takes his father's recipe one step further, adding anise and coriander to the raspberry jam that he spreads between the hazelnut cookies (which are spiced with cinnamon and cloves). More Holiday Cookies