Kelly Liken

Summer Plum Crostata
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This elegant tart is a great option for cooking in the bare-bones kitchen of a mountain cabin, since it doesn't require a special pan. Kelly Liken uses Colorado plums, which she loves for their "beautiful tartness." Even when ripe, the plums are somewhat tangy, thanks to Colorado's cool nighttime temperatures. Any firm-but-ripe plums will work perfectly here.
This fast and easy side combines sautéed baby squash with scallions, shallots and parsley. It's a great way to showcase the vegetable's summer-fresh flavor. Slideshow: Ultimate Summer Vegetable Recipes 
At her eponymous restaurant in Vail, Colorado, chef Kelly Liken serves these stellar dates with watercress and a balsamic gastrique (sauce). The recipe here swaps out the gastrique for a basic vinaigrette. More Thanksgiving Hors d'Oeuvres
With their sweet, mild pea flavor and their juicy stems, pea shoots are becoming a popular salad addition. Here, they're the perfect foil for sharp arugula and radishes, herbal fennel, and toasty hazelnuts.
Lamb is Kelly Liken's favorite food in the world, and she thinks Colorado lamb is the best. To show it off, she makes a pesto-like sauce by combining gremolata—a mixture of parsley, lemon zest and garlic—with pine nuts and olive oil. Liken often cooks lamb from start to finish over a wood fire, but this home-cook-friendly version calls for starting the racks on the grill and then transferring them to the oven to finish cooking. Slideshow: Delicious Grilled Lamb Recipes 
This easy grilled flatbread—topped with sautéed mushrooms, fresh herbs and ricotta cheese—is perfect for outdoor entertaining.Slideshow: Delicious Flatbread Recipes