Kate Williams

Chef Kate Williams’ beautifully layered carrot steaks at Lady of the House in Detroit are a mainstay on her menu. Here, she’s shared an at-home riff using large horse carrots, balancing their natural sweetness with plenty of salt and lemon. The silky hollandaise drizzle comes together easily using a blender, which virtually guarantees an effortless sauce.
Best New Chef Kate Williams, of Lady of the House in Detroit, is obsessed with the idea of tartare. It’s scrappy; it’s resourceful; it’s a whole lot more than the sum of its parts. For her Tuna Tartare with Cacciatore Vinaigrette, Williams creates a decadent appetizer of finely chopped sashimi-grade tuna, homemade anchovy breadcrumbs, and a zingy vinaigrette.
For her Steak Tartare with Smoked Oyster Aioli, Best New Chef Kate Williams, of Lady of the House in Detroit, uses tender beef scraps rescued from butchering rib eyes. Dark green leek tops, often discarded, become the base of her punchy gremolata. The smoked oyster aioli adds muscle and brightness, and it’s easy to make (it takes about a minute in a blender). Tartare calls for the best-quality meat; you’ll eat it raw, so go for the good stuff—rib eye or flatiron is a nice way to go. To get a perfectly diced steak for tartare, freeze the beef until it is just firm, about 15 minutes, before slicing.