Kate Neumann

Raspberry Jam Bomboloni
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Kate Neumann reports that whenever she offers bomboloni (Italian donut holes) on the dessert menu at her restaurant, they inevitably sell out. She sometimes makes them at home, too: "They are easy to prepare in advance and then fry at the last moment," she explains, "and they are also quite easy to dress up." Neumann fills the donut holes with fruit jams or chocolate ganache, then rolls them in sugar and spices like anise and cardamom as soon as they come out of the frying pan. She serves them immediately: "The key to greatness, for me, is serving the donuts fresh and warm." More Doughnut Recipes
Nutty Toffee-Date Cake
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This cake resembles sticky toffee pudding, but Kate Neumann says it's "a dried fruit or two away from my grandmother's plum pudding." The cake, subtly spiced with cinnamon and ginger, gets topped with toasted nuts and a caramelly toffee sauce. More Cake Recipes
Kate Neumann describes this cool, delicate dessert as "just fruit and cream, barely sweetened. It has the qualities of custard without the egginess. Greek yogurt makes it wonderfully tangy." She tops the panna cotta with dried apricots that she's plumped in wine and honey, often adding a scattering of crunchy, salty toasted almonds or pistachios.Plus: More Dessert Recipes and Tips More Yogurt Recipes
Kate Neumann often showcases rich, nutty, fragrant browned butter in her desserts. Here, she adds it to a sweet custard loaded with caramelized apples and baked in a buttery tart shell. Slideshow:  Beautiful Desserts 
Many Bundt cakes are heavy and buttery, but this one is surprisingly light and incredibly moist under its silky chocolate glaze. Strong-brewed coffee in the batter intensifies the chocolate flavor while cutting the sweetness. More Cake Recipes