Justine Sterling

Title: Associate Digital Editor At Food & Wine since: 2010 Born and raised: I was born in Santa Monica, California, but my formative years were spent in Sonoma County, where I grew up in the vineyards, foraging for miner’s lettuce and poaching Pinot Noir grapes. Favorite at-desk lunch: Soft tofu topped with flying fish roe and miso. I make it with ingredients from Sunrise Mart. Weird childhood snack: A bowl of raw oats and the occasional pinch of raw hamburger meat (which I believe is why I have an iron-clad stomach). Favorite New York neighborhood for a meal: Flushing, Queens. It’s like Disneyland for Chinese-food lovers. My day begins with a stop at the Corner 28 window for $1 Peking duck buns, hot and dripping with plum sauce. Then it’s on to the sadly soon-to-be-defunct Flushing Mall food court, where you can get the best soup dumplings—the only Chinese words I know: xiao long bao.
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