Justin Large

Tacos al Pastor
Rating: Unrated
"Tacos, whiskey, hillbilly music"—that's the promise of Chicago's Big Star, famed chef Paul Kahan's new project with Donnie Madia and mixologist Michael Rubel of Violet Hour. Though they call the place a dive (it's not), the classic tacos—like the exceptional grilled pork one here—are impressively fresh. And there's a take-out window. More Tasty Tacos
Justin Large adapted the classic Rice Krispies square recipe to make it more interesting and cocktail-friendly while working as the chef at popular Chicago bar The Violet Hour. A few simple tweaks were all it took: Madras curry powder adds a little heat and complex flavor, while the roasted sunflower seeds sprinkled throughout lend this snack pops of crunch and salt. More Cocktail Party Recipes
This is a variation on the chorizo tacos that Justin Large makes at Big Star. You can replace the chicken strips with chorizo; for a vegetarian taco, Large recommends subbing in crumbled spiced tofu. Slideshow: More Great Taco Recipes