Junghyun Park

Taleggio adds a funky flavor to this rich and creamy corn dish, served at Atoboy in New York City and inspired by a fresh corn banchan (side dish). Doenjang (Korean soybean paste); smoky bacon; and yondu, a gluten-free soy sauce alternative, add layers of salty, savory depth. Purchase doenjang and yondu at Korean groceries or on Amazon.
This recipe for stuffed and fried chicken wings from F&W Best New Chef Junghyun Park features chicken wings dredged in a crackling fried chicken breading and stuffed with spicy, savory doubanjiang fried rice. (They’re a lot of fun to eat, so when preparing them, take the time to get the hang of carefully removing the bones without piercing the skin.) The final touch is a tongue-tingling spice blend of Szechuan peppercorn, salt, sugar, and powdered vinegar. Make extra of the spice blend—it’s great on everything from popcorn to tater tots.