Julianne Jones

Julianne Jones’s wonderfully zingy gingerbread cookies have a tender and cakey texture, yet they’re sturdy enough to decorate. As an alternative to the icing here, you can sprinkle the tops of the cookies with demerara sugar (a coarse, raw cane sugar) before baking for a nice crunch. Slideshow: Amazing Christmas CookiesRecipe from Food & Wine America's Greatest New Cooks 
Provençal Vegetable Tart
Rating: Unrated
Julianne Jones makes this savory rectangular tart with the ingredients typically found in ratatouille: eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes. “You arrange the vegetables nicely in the flaky crust, then tuck in thinly shaved cheese,” she says. “I love serving the tart at dinner parties because it’s aesthetically impressive.” Slideshow: More Savory Tarts 
Almond-Pistachio Nougat
Rating: Unrated
Didier Murat makes this soft, chewy nougat at Vergennes Laundry and also sells it under the Vadeboncoeur label online and at specialty food shops. The nougat is fantastic on its own or baked into croissants. “The white part melts away, and it’s like honey and nuts,” Julianne Jones says. Slideshow: More Almond Recipes