Judy Joo

Korean-Mexican Tacos
Rating: Unrated
Recipe courtesy of Judy Joo, Executive Chef Jinjuu (London and Hong Kong), author of Korean Food Made Simple (Houghton-Mifflin, May 2016) and host of television series Korean Food Made Simple. Slideshow: More Korean Recipes 
Making jap chae, a traditional Korean dish made with glossy sweet potato noodles, is a great way to use whatever protein or vegetables you have in your fridge: Swap in bell peppers, alliums, tofu or even thinly sliced steak. Slideshow:  Noodle Salads 
Chef and TV personality Judy Joo’s grilled chicken gets extra crusty thanks to brown sugar in the marinade. Mixing miso into the butter for the corn adds a good umami kick. Slideshow:  Grilled Chicken 
Judy Joo’s tangy Asian dressing is a superb (and quick) way to dress up Broccolini and mushrooms. Slideshow:  Broccoli Recipes