Joseph Jiménez de Jiménez

Joseph Jiménez de Jiménez is a four-time James Beard Award-nominated chef whose career began more than 40 years ago in Madrid. An expert in Spanish and Basque cuisines, he's worked for the American embassy in Spain, as a consulting chef in New York, and co-founded and formerly owned two popular Seattle tapas bars called The Harvest Vine and Txori.


A chef of Basque and Castilian heritage, Joseph's culinary career began in Madrid in 1979, followed by a stint in the coastal town of San Sebastian. Following these years in Spain, he studied French cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, then headed to Biarritz to specialize in the cuisines of Gascony and the French Basque country. In 1983, he was hired by the Spanish government to apprentice at the Royal House, where he assisted with special events and worked for the American embassy in Madrid. The following year, after being mentored by French Basque chef Louis Urrumbide, he moved to the United States and worked as a consulting chef; over seven years, he helped set up more than 20 restaurants throughout New York City and across the country. His next move was to Seattle, where he held the role of Chef de Cuisine at both Maximilien and Prego before opening The Harvest Vine in 1998 with his former partner Carolin Messier. The small tapas bar was a huge success, paving the way for a sister restaurant, Txori, to open in 2007. Joseph currently works as an international culinary consultant.


Joseph studied French cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France.

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