John Paul Brammer

It manifested, nameless and welcome, whenever I got sick, along with its accomplices Sprite and VapoRub, the elixirs of the Chicano world.
Caldo de Pollo
Rating: Unrated
Barely covering the chicken legs with water, along with a few aromatics, quickly produces a flavorful and rich chicken stock that’s lightly spiced with jalapeños and sweet tomatoes. If you want a spicier broth, as this version is pretty mild, use a paring knife to cut small incisions in each chile before adding them to the soup. Read John Paul Brammer's essay The Healing Magic of Caldo de Pollo.
Nourishing the living and the dead, Dia de Muertos acts as a balm for diasporic Latinos.
The breadless hamburger meat masquerades as something more important. To me, it tastes like Catholic school.
I spent years trying to recreate my abuela’s tortilla recipe. Here’s what I found when I succeeded.