Ji Hye Kim

Summer Vegetable Bibimbap
Rating: Unrated
Chef Ji Hye Kim's bibimbap technique centers on cooking vegetables simply to showcase and preserve their natural colors and flavors. A 2021 F&W Best New Chef, Kim prepares each separately: salting and sautéing sturdy vegetables like squash and eggplant and blanching leafy greens. A robust yak gochujang, a sauce made with ground beef and Korean chile paste, gives the dish a sensational level of umami. For a quick and satisfying weeknight dinner, make the bibimbap toppings ahead of time, and then add them—and, if you like, a sunny-side-up egg—to freshly cooked rice, then stir them all together, and enjoy.
Garden-fresh vegetables shine in F&W Best New Chef Ji Hye Kim’s bibimbap.