Jeremy Silansky

Jeremy Silansky is able to get Vermont watercress year-round from a friend who cultivates the bitter winter green in a pond behind her house. Silansky pairs watercress with the classic combination of sweet roasted beets and tangy goat cheese, which he buys from Vermont Butter & Cheese Company. Slideshow:  More Green Salad Recipes 
Jeremy Silansky uses maple syrup, Vermont's most famous export, to glaze root vegetables, employing a novel (and simple) technique: He reduces the maple glaze in a small skillet, then tosses it with the roasted vegetables right before serving. He likes to serve the lamb shanks with creamy polenta made from local cornmeal and a local cheese: Thistle Hill Farm's complex, nutty Tarentaise. More Lamb Recipes
"Butternut squash and apples come into season around the same time in Vermont," Jeremy Silansky says, "and they go so well together." But this soup's key ingredient is its smoked-cheddar garnish. Silansky gets his cheese from Grafton Village Cheese Company, a local producer with national distribution that cold-smokes aged cheddar over a maple-wood fire. More Soup Recipes