Jasmin Sun

Title: Digital Editorial Assistant Born and raised: I lived in Houston before moving to Austin to study journalism—and eat my weight in barbecue brisket and tacos from food trucks. Food culture dissonance: I grew up in a Taiwanese household and speak fluent Mandarin, but I can eat kimchi by the truckload and will choose Korean kalbi jim over Chinese red-cooked beef any day of the week. Just don't tell my grandmother. My first food obsession: During my sophomore year of college, I tasted what is still, in my opinion, the perfect burger at Mulberry Bar in Austin. Every bite of that lightly charred medium-rare beef patty—covered with melted Gruyère, pancetta and an over-easy egg, and sandwiched in a brioche bun—was amazing. Delicious!
Aaron Franklin spends a lot of time thinking about brisket. Considering lines at his cult Austin joint Franklin Barbecue, a slew of accolades (he's one of F&W's best new pit masters in Texas), and the incredible number of hours and pounds of brisket he dedicates to his craft (Franklin starts tending his smokers daily at 2 a.m. and goes through 20,000 pounds of brisket a month), it's probably safe to say he's mastered his approach. The result is supertender and flavorful slices of beef served by the pound, plate or piled into sandwiches. Here, Franklin saves home cooks and their summer guests from the worst crimes against Texas-style barbecue brisket.
Roasting, mashing, or frying, chefs Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr are here to answer all your potato cooking questions, like "should you soak before cooking?"