Photo of Jake Cohen
Photo of Jake Cohen

Jake Cohen

Jake Cohen is a New York Times bestselling cookbook author and nice Jewish boy from New York City. When he's not posting challah-braiding videos and recipes on his Instagram and TikTok, he's eating around the city with his husband Alex.

Expertise: Jewish food

Experience: After working in some of New York City's best restaurants, including Daniel and ABC Kitchen, Jake Cohen transitioned to media, leading recipe testing at Saveur before serving as the food editor for Tasting Table and Time Out New York. He wrote his first book, "Jew-ish", about his love of modern Jewish cooking and baking.
Coconut Macaroon Brownies
Rating: Unrated
Super-rich, fudgy brownies meet chewy, sweet macaroons in this gorgeous mash-up of two crowd-pleasing desserts. Using coconut flour instead of wheat flour, Jake Cohen created a brownie with a consistency that’s simultaneously tender and dense, while also keeping the brownies gluten-free and kosher for Passover. Then, in an homage to the canned Manischewitz macaroons he grew up eating at his own family’s Passover Seder, Cohen tops the coconut flour brownies with a layer of well-salted coconut macaroon to yield an eye-catching hybrid dessert that’s the best of all worlds: chewy, crunchy, and not too sweet. A cup of coconut oil may be used in place of butter, if you'd like to make the dessert pareve.
With just six ingredients and one instruction, this family recipe has crossed oceans and bridged divides.
Slicing up some Granny Smiths and dipping them in honey simply won't cut it.