Best New Mixologist Jacyara de Oliveira
Best New Mixologist Jacyara de Oliveira

Jacyara de Oliveira

Best New Mixologist See All F&W's Best New Mixologists Where She WonSportsman’s Club; Chicago First Bartending Experience My family is from Brazil, and I spent a year traveling and working as an English teacher there during college. One of the side jobs I had at the time was working at my boyfriend at the time’s bar. Well, bar would be a loose term for it. It was more an empty space where they hosted concerts, with a cooler full of really cold beer, a carton of cigarettes and cachaça. I would sling beers and talk to friends there on the weekends. It was a lot of fun, and I didn’t recognize it as a job. Guilty Pleasure Drink An amaretto sour, which is what I drank when I was in underage in college. It was sweet and bubbly and delicious. Jeffrey Morgenthaler, of Clyde Common in Portland, Oregon, builds his amaretto sour from egg whites, overproof whiskey, fresh citrus and a little bit of sugar, and it’s awesome. It’s so good! What to Make with Limited Ingredients A sling, which is a great play on an old-fashioned. Crushed ice, a little sugar and gin makes for one of the best summer sippers out there. Topping it with a little grated nutmeg is the key. Otherwise, gin and tonics are always great. If you have access to an herb garden, pretty much anything will work as a garnish. Claim to Fame I'm known to shake hard and stir fast. I've been a finalist in Speed Rack Chicago the past three years and intend to someday win the crown. Drink Everyone Should Learn How to Make Learn to make one really good Manhattan and the possibilities for substitution are endless. Best Cocktail Name The Perception Filter. Early in my bartending days I got the opportunity to do some independent work for a couple of brands. I was coming up with cocktails for an event and needed names. I was also simultaneously watching Doctor Who (again). The Perception Filter is one of the better components of the Whoverse. Best Home Bartending Tip Consistency is the biggest thing. Most people don’t really know what an adequate portion size is; they think that they need to have more alcohol in a cocktail than they probably do, but two ounces of booze in one drink is plenty. Counting and free pouring is totally valid, but it varies from person to person, and I’ve even noticed my pour quickens when I’m playing music with a faster beat. At home, I think measuring is super important.
The Osteria Outing
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Jacyara de Oliveira envisioned a casual Italian restaurant as the ideal setting for her pleasantly powerful drink. Slideshow:  Vodka Cocktail RecipesRecipe from Food & Wine Cocktails 2015