Photo of Ivy Knight
Photo of Ivy Knight

Ivy Knight

Ivy Knight spent a decade as a line cook before becoming a writer and filmmaker. She focuses on the inner workings of restaurants with an eye to showcasing the underserved in the food and wine industry.

Expertise: Restaurant Life, Chef Profiles, Human Rights, Equality, Diversity

Experience: Ivy Knight is a French Canadian who was born on the west coast, grew up on the east coast, and currently lives in Toronto. She spent a decade cooking professionally before leaving restaurant kitchens to write full time. Her first big interview was Jacques Pepin, her second was Calvin Trillin - those two giants provided the best learning curve for breaking into the food writing business and have served her well thus far in a career spent interviewing everyone from Anthony Bourdain to Eric Wareheim.

Ivy has written two cookbooks, is a documentary filmmaker, and also runs the world's only Céline Dion parody meme account focused on the restaurant industry - @allezceline.
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