Ignacio Mattos

Chef Ignacio Mattos arranges crisp chicken thighs on a velvety hummus made from dried fava beans, not chickpeas. Slideshow:  Tasty Chicken Thigh Recipes 
Chef Ignacio Mattos prefers eating meat with mustard. "I can be very polite if I'm in a restaurant," he says, "but when I'm by myself, I really like mustard." Here he spreads it on simple but beautiful pork roast before cooking, sprinkling the meat with coarsely ground black pepper to create a pungent crust. Slideshow:  Perfect Pork Roasts 
"I take more shortcuts than anybody on the planet," says chef Ignacio Mattos. "At the same time I'm thinking, How am I going to keep it exciting?" For his version of the French seafood classic sole bonne femme, he adds fast Asian flavor by infusing broth with kombu seaweed instead of fish carcasses. Slideshow:  Halibut Recipes