Hubert Des Marais

Won Best New Chef at: The Ocean Grand (now a Four Seasons Resort), Palm Beach, Florida
Swahili Vegetable Curry
Rating: Unrated
The South Asian spices in this vegetarian stew reflect the influence of Kenya's generations-old Indian community on the national cuisine. Feel free to substitute other vegetables based on seasonal availability, as Hubert Des Marais does. Satisfying Vegetarian Recipes
The squash here gets tossed with pumpkin-pie spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves) and glazed with coconut milk. More Vegetable Side Dishes
Shrimp Pili Pili
Rating: Unrated
Pili pili (bird's eye peppers) and cilantro are prominent seasonings in Kenyan cooking. Here, Hubert Des Marais uses both in a fiery spiced butter he brushes onto grilled shell-on shrimp; Thai chiles are an excellent substitute for pili pili. Use the largest shrimp you can find, though they probably won't measure up to the one-pounders he gets from the Indian Ocean. "They're monsters!" he exclaims. More Delicious Shrimp Dishes