Hillary Sterling

Chef Hillary Sterling's epic chicken at Vic's in New York gets its juiciness and deep flavor from brining, air drying, and marinating. The process is simple but does require some planning­—start at least a day ahead. She serves the bird on a mix of charred broccoli, onions, and fingerling potatoes, fiery from the chiles and fresh from the basil, with a bright kick of red wine vinegar. Six heads of garlic mellow and sweeten after roasting, adding a caramelized flavor to the dressing and the marinade.
Confit Kugel Wedges
Rating: Unrated
At Vic's, Hillary Sterling's New York City restaurant, she leans on high-quality schmaltz to crisp up these kugel wedges; we opted for rich duck fat which is easier to source. A drizzle of vincotto, made from simmered grape must that's aged in oak barrels, punctuates the rich kugel with its sweet and tangy bite.
At Vic’s her New York City restaurant, chef Hillary Sterling does a special Italian-influenced Passover menu that includes this riff on the requisite brisket, which appears as brisket meatballs. “Everyone makes brisket [for Passover], and the Italians make polpette, so why not bring them together?” says Sterling. The meatballs are sauced in Sterling’s riff on traditionally uncooked passata, which gets a quick simmer and a flavor update with orange, oregano, and chile flakes.