Gerald Hirigoyen

Won Best New Chef at: Fringale, San Francisco
"Whenever you go to Spain, you always have beans," says Gerald Hirigoyen. "And squid is everywhere in Basque country, where I grew up, and in California too." Hirigoyen combines earthy black-eyed peas (which are a kind of bean) and quickly boiled squid with red wine vinegar and fresh herbs to create a bright-flavored, satisfying first-course salad.Cost: $16.75More Great Side Dishes
Gerald Hirigoyen named his restaurant after pipérade, a Basque vegetable stew that combines tomatoes, bell peppers and onions; here he uses a pipérade puree to braise chicken. He says children love this lightly sweet sauce: "Anytime I'm cooking for my son and need to get him to eat something, I use pipérade and call it ketchup."Cost: $33.50Terrific Chicken Recipes
Basque Steak Fries
Rating: Unrated
Gerald Hirigoyen tosses wedges of fried Yukon Gold potatoes with plenty of Piment d'Espelette, a smoky Basque chile powder, to give the crispy potatoes a slightly spicy kick.Cost: $9More Potato Recipes