Fanny Singer

Fanny Singer has always had an infatuation with frozen fruit. (The pastry cooks at Chez Panisse used to freeze raspberries for her; she stuck one on each finger and then ate them.) So it's only natural that she makes an icy drink with one of her favorite fruits, watermelon. This agua fresca has the consistency of a frozen margarita.Plus: Ultimate Cocktail Guide
When Fanny Singer makes this salad, she remembers her mom, Alice Waters, taking her to spend the Japanese New Year with the Chinos, a San Diego farm family that has been growing heirloom tomatoes for Berkeley's Chez Panisse forever. Fanny's twist on the restaurant recipe is to add shallots treated two ways: marinated in vinegar and fried to make a rich, salty garnish.Plus: More Vegetable Recipes and Tips
If, like Fanny Singer, you had a fig tree in your backyard when you were a child, and your mother used the leaves to wrap salmon, this recipe would make perfect sense: Fig leaves lend the fish a smoky, fruity flavor. But Swiss chard leaves are okay in a pinch. Either way, the baked leaves taste like the best vegetable chips ever.Plus: More Seafood Recipes and Tips