Eunjo Park

Chef Eunjo Park, a 2020 Food & Wine Best New Chef, turns to the microwave to make gyeranjjim, a fluffy and luxurious dish of Korean steamed eggs, in just a few minutes. The eggs are infused with flavorful broth and topped with all kinds of optional garnishes, like a drizzle of toasted sesame oil or hot chile oil, or a sprinkle of scallions, sesame seeds, or cod roe. Traditionally served as a side dish, gyeranjjim can also be served on its own with a side of rice.
Pickled Vegetable Kimbap
Rating: Unrated
To evenly cut the rolls without crushing the kimbap, use a very sharp knife, in a long sawing motion, without pressing straight down on the roll. If your knife sticks to the rice, wet the blade with some of the daikon pickling liquid.