Erika Nakamura

Erika Nakamura, butcher and owner of White Gold in NYC, uses the pork skin for her standing rib roast to seal in the juices during cooking. The best part is that the skin puffs and crisps, creating irresistible cracklings to eat with the meat. Slideshow: More Roast Recipes 
The key to making delicious applesauce, says butcher Erika Nakamura, is using fresh apples and adding enough lemon juice to offset their sweetness. Adding Chinese five-spice allows for a more savory flavor, which is ideal when serving the applesauce alongside roast meats. Slideshow: More Apple Recipes 
Easy Creamed Spinach
Rating: Unrated
Butcher Erika Nakamura makes a mean creamed spinach, using a combo of Cognac and Pernod to add complex flavor to the steakhouse staple.