Erick Williams

Cornbread and blueberries are natural partners, especially in this French toast recipe by chef Erick Williams of Virtue restaurant in Chicago. Dipping cornbread into the blueberry-infused batter gives the bread a beautiful blue marbled pattern while retaining its texture. Be sure to just dip it in the batter and not soak the bread; otherwise, it will fall apart. The cornbread and blueberry sauce can be made one day in advance; use frozen blueberries if fresh ones aren't available. The Chantilly cream on the side adds creamy goodness to this brunch dish, which is rich without being overly sweet or heavy.
This recipe combines classic French cooking techniques with Southern ingredients, a signature of chef Erick Williams' cooking at Virtue in Chicago. The mild sweetness of the lobster meat and cornbread is intensified with the buttery, tart wine sauce, turning this into a decadent meal perfect for a special occasion.
Virtue Cornbread
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Slightly sweet and buttery, this classic Southern cornbread is a must-order at Virtue, Erick Williams' flagship restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, where he celebrates the food of the Great Migration. Eat this cornbread warm the same day you bake it; any leftovers can be used to make Blueberry Cornbread French Toast or Lobster Tournedos with Cornbread.
Chef Erick Williams recommends thick cuts of salmon for this recipe; they cook quickly while remaining juicy and tender and are well balanced by the sweet, gingery glaze. If delicata or acorn squash aren’t available, substitute 6 cups peeled and diced butternut squash.