Eric Wolfinger

Roman-Style Romanesco
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Inspired by the leaves around a head of Romanesco, reminiscent of artichokes or cardoons, the heads are roasted whole then showered with lemon-garlic breadcrumbs and Parmesan. Cauliflower and broccoli are great substitutes for Romanesco. Seek out small heads with leaves, if possible. Slideshow: More Vegetable Side Dish Recipes 
Yuzu Ponzu
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Japanese ponzu sauce balances umami-rich soy sauce with sweet sake and mirin, as well as tart and fragrant fresh yuzu juice. We steep the sauce with kombu and katsuobushi for even more depth. Use this ponzu from Eric Wolfinger as a marinade or dipping sauce, or drizzle over Chawanmushi. Slideshow: More Japanese Recipes 
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Cooking in a water bath, just like crème brûlée, makes these Japanese custards set yet incredibly silky. These chawanmushi from Eric Wolfinger are infused with umami-rich dashi and soy. They make a beautiful first course with a drizzle of Yuzu Ponzu and a garnish of fresh crab or uni.  Slideshow: More Japanese Recipes
We like to think that Japanese tilefish gets its name from its broad, overlapping scales. They crisp like potato chips as the fish curls upward in the pan. Finish this dish from photographer Eric Wolfinger with a drizzle of melted butter combined with Yuzu Ponzu. Slideshow: More Quick Fish Recipes