Photo of Emily Monaco
Photo of Emily Monaco

Emily Monaco

Emily Monaco is a journalist and culinary tour guide based in Paris for over 15 years. She is the co-host of "The Terroir Podcast". Her work has previously appeared in the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, Atlas Obscura, and more.

Expertise: French Food, Cheese, Food History

Experience: Emily Monaco is a journalist, culinary tour guide, and podcast host based in Paris, France. She holds a Master's degree in 19th century French literature from the Sorbonne. Her journalism work exists at the intersection between food, culture, and history, and she often carries out in-depth explorations of specific recipes and foods, particularly cheeses. With a deep passion for French food (and French cheese specifically), her work has previously appeared in publications including the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, and Atlas Obscura. She also co-hosts "The Terroir Podcast", which explores the culinary cultures of France one region at a time.
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